A Matter of Choice

By Pastor Larry Dublanko

Our freedom is a matter of our choices.

*Considering choices:

1. Choices has consequences.
Accept responsibility for where we are, so we can move forward.

2. Accept responsibility.
“Blame” is saying your not responsible. The only way to course correct is to take responsibility.

3. Jesus is able to redeem our bad choices.
-Romans 8:28
A negative situation can be used for his purpose, based on your attitude.
Choose our attitude.
Take a stand and you’ll be given choices.

My Big Take Away:

-It is still our choices that put our feet on the right path.
-Adam and Eve did not get off the hook, neither will you or I.

1. Have I trusted God when making a choice? Trusting in His guidance?
2. Have I sought his attitude?
3. Do I believe God has a better plan than I do?
4. Have I considered the consequences of my choice?
5. Am I willing to take responsibility for my past errors?

At what level do we want to live our Christian life?
Do we need to elevate our game?


Start with your choices and time.

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