floating in this river that could dry up or turn to sea…

It finally happened.after so much anticipation the time was perfect. I had to work Saturday. And I was going to be working quite late about one or two. But I ended up getting out at ten. So I went to score some herb. Smoked with my dealer real quick grabbed some beers and high tailed it to John’s.  I had already requested a shower at his place work was hot and sweaty and I was definitely not feeling sexy. So we smoked a fat blunt started making out for quite a while before I showered. And then we began. He is an amazing lover.

We started kissing.slowly peeling away the clothes. I normally have such an issue with eye contact during sex. But he looks me in the eye the whole time. Every touch every kiss felt amazing..electrified …when he finally entered me it was intense. We got dressed after smoked more kissed more and ended up doing it again. I got to his house at eleven thirty I didn’t leave until four. It was a fabulous time. Still got my good morning text a few hours later.

How did I get away with being out so late you ask? Keatsu doesn’t stay awake well when not properly entertained. Besides I had sent a text at midnight saying we were almost done at work abd then anther later saying I was bringing a friend home from work so I’d be late and no response so I knew he was sleeping. Which he was and when I got home I had to move him from off the couch.

But now.I’ve had sex with him a different day.

Today, well really yesterday,.we were texting back and forth and I eventually asked if he wanted to smoke today.so we met up in a different town and went into the woods. Smoked as usual a nicely packed joint and started kissing. It was somewhere before the kissing and after the blunt I became aware of his warmth like I could feel it just pouring off of his body I stared at his lips when he talked. I’ve only ever met one person who could turn me on so easily and so deeply. I get so wet when I think about us together when he kisses me touching his skin. I ended up giving him head in the woods. But I didn’t let him get off. I did what’s called edging. Bringing someone to the point just before they’re going to orgasm and then stopping or slowing down.then repeating.the more you do it the better the orgasm when allowed to be reached finally. We ended up not finishing. It was getting late and I had to get home. So we parted ways. And then when I got home I ended texting a friend going back out too chill abd then texting John just saying updating him on my whereabouts. We kinda do that often amongst our conversations via text.just updates of what we’re doing. Anyways he wrote back saying if I wanted to finish what we started earlier I could come by after. I if course said yes.  So I smoked with my friend. Informed him of my latest sexual obsession. Talked about some other things I’ll hopefully not need to mention on here in the near future.  And after headed to John’s. We wasted no time getting into it. I was so ready for him already. When he licks my pussy it’s fantastic. This time he fucked me a little harder oh my God I loved it.  I noticed his eyes when it gets very intense look black like his pupils get huge I told him that and he said at certain points his vision gets blurry. When we finished he didn’t pull out. He held his position over me and we just held each other’s gaze. We kissed we stared we kissed we stared all the while the pleasure feeling was building up rather than decreasing. Fucking fantastic times every time.

I’m so glad I decided to pursue this person. Until next time….

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  1. a nother gratepost your sex drive is atlest as high as my sex drive is

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