I’m going to kill XI!

That idiot! Why can’t he learn to clean up after himself? Seriously! I want to punch him in his face!!

I’m not a morning person, I’m that person everyone is terrified of in the morning. So, when I wake up there are a few rules ok?

1. Keep your stuff out of my way

2. Don’t try to start a conversation with me. I will not respond!

3. Don’t ask me any questions! I will respond and you won’t like it!

XI broke those rules and I really want to hit him for it. He can’t clean up after himself and left his dirty boxers, a half empty can of monster and some videogame lying in the floor that I tripped over and twisted my ankle! He starts laughing and tries to get me to admit that his prank was good. When I didn’t respond he asked if I was ok. I yelled, quote: no I’m not ok you idiot! I just tripped over your stupid stuff and twisted my ankle! Would you be ok? NO! End quote.

I was not a happy XIV. That is until XIII came and helped me *super blush!* He carried me to the couch and got me an icepack. He’s so strong and cute and so much! *tomato blush!*

Signing off


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