This is Goodbye

This is goodbye. I have honestly tried so hard to move on and get over you but I cant. Everyday something happens that I want to tell you about. Yet I don’t because its hard to send a letter to Heaven. You wanted me to stay far away from you so I tried. But now knowing you are with her, it literally kills me. I have become numb to all pain cause of how many times you have crushed my heart. You never did mean to hurt me. I was just too far gone to save. It says something about you that you tried anyway. You were there when I cried, laughed, when she died. You were there to help me pick up the broken pieces. What we once had is gone and I am the one that did it. Its impossible to love someone who doesn’t love themselves.

Sam you were my brother in so many ways. I love you. I hope maybe someday you can forgive me. Take solace in that Gram and Lexi will be looking after me wherever I end up.

Edwin-I’m sorry for breaking yet another promise.

Rachel-You saw the good in me when I thought everyone had abandoned me. Thanks for being a true friend.

Mom and Dad-Im sorry for never telling you how much I was hurt. I tried to be your brave little girl. I ended up losing. Please forgive me.

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