Why i Hate Being “Fat”

Once upon a time it was hard being me? someone who was considerd a word that isnt very sweet. i guess you could say it was ugly. ugly  that what was me or at least thats what they wanted me to be.  was it because i was overweight or did not belong . being called words like FAT, STUPID, APE,  or KING KONG, It  gets to a girl it does it does spends hours & hours in the minor thinking whats wrong. Cant do anything  shes always getting  judged. just for once cant she fit in. be apart of whats in. be invited to dance instead of being stuck in a tranges. Crying in her pillow hoping that or weight will willow, Hoping that the ugly will dizzerle. Wishing she could be anybody but she. the voices is in her head saying  you will never be thin or is the minor playing tricks with her thinking  shes BIG. It became her Deperssion & her Expersion Whats next Aneroxia or Blimia she stoped it in time before it was late she was beautiful  then and shes beautiful now.  She was her here Enimnie not just them freaks. she needed to love her slef in order to succeded. live life upon her self not apond others be happy and smile when life brings you burtended and flowers. no matter the SIZE  Or the Color . the background or story love your self for you no matter the weather your beautiful  there the ones that are ugly stay who you are and never change because nobodys perfect but imperfections are the thing

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  1. I can relate to this … though i’m not sixteen anymore and i’m considered an adult. I’m not a singer, i’m not an outgoing person, I’m definitely not talented just yet. (insert laugh here)

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