It just gets harder and harder

My first paycheck was $250, my second was $200 (I didn’t work for a week for that pay period though because I was at   my boyfriend’s house), and, so far, for my 3rd pay period, I’ve only earned about $9. I don’t even think I can buy a McDonald’s meal with that. I still have plenty of  time to earn money before the pay period is over though.I started off as a “non-nude model” (yes, you can be a successful webcam model without ever taking any clothes off), but, as I become more confident with my body, I’m starting to notice that I don’t mind taking my clothes off every now and then. I’ve grown to love certain parts of my body I never loved before. My camscore is now below 700 and that’s sad, really sad. When you log on cam, the longer you stay online without receiving a tip, the faster your camscore lowers and, when your camscore lowers, you lose customers. You aren’t as popular anymore so your name drops further and further down the cam stream line into an abyss of nothingness. You’re supposed to log off if you don’t receive tips within 30 minutes of being online to save your camscore, but I always end of staying online way longer because I have so much fun talking to the guys in my room.Camming used to be fun in a way, but now it’s just kind of pissing me off. I’m tired of guys trying to scam me into getting free shows and I’m tired of the same ol’ “Wow, you’re hot! I wish I could tip you now, but I’m broke. I’ll pay you next week!” >____> I’m tired of guys busting their nuts- busting multiple nuts at that- while looking at me, but can never even tip a damn penny. Yes, I literally mean a penny. I’m not exaggerating here. Hopefully it will get better.

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