Yes, I am a Cam Girl and I Have Self-Respect

Imagine a woman: she’s young, a college student, double majoring, worked since her first semester, and on multiple school organization executive boards. Overall, she’s a hard, determined worker.

What would you think of this person? Would you say she’s respectable? Would you think that she’s a good person and has worth?

Imagine another woman who works as a cam girl. Men pay to talk to her online. Sometimes that might involve sex talk.

What would you say about her? That she has no self-respect? Would you even shame her for her choice of occupation?

What if I told you that the first girl, the student, and the second girl, the cam girl, were one in the same? This is my reality. I am a college student that has goals and aspirations, and at the same time, I go online and speak to guys who pay me to talk to them.


But there’s an issue with this lifestyle. I can’t really tell people. The same reason I’m writing this anonymously is the same reason why I go by a pseudonym and why I’ve blocked my state, all bordering states, and any state or foreign country that I know people in from my site. I don’t want to have to explain myself.





One thought on “Yes, I am a Cam Girl and I Have Self-Respect”

  1. I respect you. I admire people that can juggle so much regardless of what that might include. Either way you are only improving yourself!

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