jumping through puddles..

I saw John last night. Well last night into this morning. 😉

I can’t even begin to explain the level of passion I feel with him.I definitely will be researching tantric sex because I think we’d do great together. I’ve never been so confident around someone before. I really hope we keep this groove going for a while. The sex is amazing. I mean seriously the man is like Adonis. But I like that we can also carry on intelligent conversation too. Ah anyways. It’s odd but nice… This situation. I can’t wait to make summer plans. And I’m already debating other plans that are more ice related. We shall see how far the marbles roll.. But I do know I want to go to any concert with him. Just for the fun of it.  Getting a buzz on. Jumping with the crowd. Just me and my new friend. Quickly time slips by I hope he’ll remain a good friend. I wonder how I’ll feel when he gets a girlfriend…. I mean eventually it’s bound to happen. He’s very attractive. Easy to talk to. Incredible with sex and passion and pleasure. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to scoop him up. But alas we shall also just know so much. I’m more inclined to giving information here abd there but it also creates the trust.he can give back s little here a little there.  It’s so far a nice friendship. Kinda the fwb I’ve been looking for. Thank you Ashley Madison!

Anyways but oh yes girlfriend potential I’m sure if the circumstance arose that at first it’d be way slowed down like seeing each other and talking. Which I know will be hard but if I mentally prepare myself for it now it’ll be easier.

But mmm with those amazing lengthy kisses.. it’s hard to stay on the outside.

Tonight was fantastic.as usual

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