A Short Bio: Uncut Edition

In order to properly start this, I need to talk about myself, and my life as it is right now.

Warning: this is a no-backspace-except-spelling piece. It has no order.

I am the Renegade.

As of now, I am 17.

I am around 170 cm tall (or ) and weigh about 64 kilos, mostly in muscle and thick bones. I have dark reddish/brown hair, and strangely, my eyes are almost the exact same colour. It weirds me out.  I have pretty pale skin and I scar kind of easily. I learned that by owning a cat.

I… have no real idea what my gender is. I am comfortable with all, though I am not exactly “feminine”. Well, I’m not at all feminine. Not that there’s anything wrong with femininity, it’s just an extremely part of myself. I”m a lot more like… “neutrally masculine”.
So yeah, not likely that I’ll ever feel comfortable in a dress or a skirt. Or in makeup as a way of “fixing yourself”.

Makeup is a form of artistic expression, to me. As are appearances, in general.

Personally I like to dress in pretty average clothing, though I prefer “men’s” clothing. I like the designs better. If there is one thing I never take off, it’s my army boots. I feel like they are such a big part of me. It’s part of how I envision myself, along with the ripped jeans, the graphic t-shirts, the short-but-coloured nails and the not-always-there dark makeyup.

I only wear makeup in concerts or on very rare occasions. Like, once in a blue moon.
Because I’m a lazy ass who cannot be bothered.

I adore tattoos and piercings.  Like, I don’t care about the pain. It’s worth it.

Personally, I love my body. Like, there’s stuff that I want to change, but I don’t hate myself. And that stuff is mostly just me dreaming about a haircut and a rippling sixpack. Maybe a few more piercings.

Definately a lot of tattoos.

Piercings don’t scar. Or maybe they don’t scar MY skin. I had one on my chin and it’s healed and has no scar. There’s no evidence I ever had it, which makes me sadface.

I really enjoy writing and drawing, as well as playing video games. I also adore my Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Army.

I love acting.

I like collecting cheap memorabilia from movies, video games, you name it.
I currently have two coffee cups, some miniatures/toys and a lot of stuff from “Special Edition” game packages.

I spend a lot of time out.

I have a lot of acquintances. Usually I don’t hang out with them outside of school.

My friends are “unusual”. I am “unusual”.
I mean, a seventeen year old is hanging out with people up to their mid-thirties.

We actually have named our group “The Syndicate of the Pissed-Off Non-Straights”. We also have “headquarters”. It’s things like these that make me happy I have these people in my life.

Last time I spent the night there, Nick introduced me to Agonoize.

These people are the reason I have so many favourite songs from completely diferrent genres.

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