bad day

so I woke up early today to watch the kids because my mother in law had to go to a funeral. Everything was fine. When my hubby got back from work we were all messing around with the hose, and just having fun. On the way home we stopped at the store to get something for dinner tonight. Still playing around having fun. Then my hubby said he wanted to have a few beers tonight, which never happens. Seriously, we drink maybe 3 times a year, if that. So I said cool, lets have a good night. On the way home I see my hubby has brought a can of beer into the car. NOT opened. everything was fine until he was playing around like he was gonna open it. I grabbed it and said no….laughing..i said I don’t feel like u going to jail. he said “its just a ticket”. I was trying to just play along. until he actually opened it. we were literally around the corner from our house but still…..its not right. so I got upset. he proceeded to start screaming at me(in front of my oldest;12 y/o/ f). calling me c*nts, and lazy bit**, I don’t do anything, telling my daughter I don’t want to spent time with her(lies). just being very disrespectful. I still made him dinner and didn’t call him any names or anything. he proceeds to text me that he is packing his stuff tomorrow and leaving because hes not gonna be my whooping the hell do you figure that. I get the shit end of every effing stick every effing day. he has a bad day at work and brings it home to me. I do love this man with everything but im not gonna let him convince himself that im the mean one all the time. maybe if he goes and sees how much I do for him he will be more respectful. idk. I was trying to get pregnant. Im more than sure I was but am having the ending of a miscarriage. maybe god knew another baby wasn’t a great idea at the moment. I just feel lost right now. what will I do if he does leave? what about the kids? and his dad lives here too… do I kick him out? idk what to do. we have been together for 7 1/2 years. married for almost 6 years. we have had our ups and downs but this seems serious. time will tell

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