Finally the computer is fixed and I have so much to say! Well first of all this computer finally completely crashed and I and II decided to wait forever to get it fixed. I thought I was goanna go crazy without my Quotev! Everything’s fine now and we don’t have to worry about the stupid thing breaking down for awhile. Still not a new computer, but it’s a computer!

I helped VII, XII, IV and XI get ready to open the pool. Yey summer! I can’t wait to go outside and get some color. You’d think with all the time we spend outside “practicing” we wouldn’t be as white as we are. I glow in the dark, that’s how white I am! I can’t wait though! A nice, big in ground pool 8ft deep!

We’re also having a guest stay with us for the summer. Surprisingly, she likes coming here to stay! I never thought that was possible with how strange, loud and weird we are! I guess that’s a complement? I don’t know, but I like hanging around her. Being with guys all the time can really get on my nerves. I swear if any one of them even thinks about repeating what they did yesterday I will castrate them all!

What did they do? The ran right up to me and farted very loud right next to my face! So, I chased them around with a frying pan until I took it away. They deserved to get hit at least once right? Who does that though?

Signing off


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