A Starting Point For You

To whoever may find the time to read this, I thank you for some odd reason.. I guess it is hard to express myself verbally, so why not do it here? This first entry is just something for you to start with, kind of like my introduction to a book I’m about to write…

Well I’m 18, blessed with the gift of carrying kids that I one day hope to do! I am currently studying psychology and sociology somewhere is this wonderful place we call earth.. And I face a struggle that not many of us face, something that is only judged upon because of its marked term.. I am bisexual!

I hope we all get a long and I hope you understand me, feel some of the pain I feel sometimes and of course – the happiness that I will feel.

This is my oath to you, a promise that I hope we can keep forever.

Yours truly, Me.

P.S – the picture. It isn’t expressing any feelings that I am feeling right now, its just a picture/painting that I like.

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