Introducing me…

This is me…I am a 15 (nearly 16) year old girl with some big dreams but unclear future.

I have just started summer holidays, but Summer officially start in 14 days or so….and how do i know that? Well, my ex-‘boy-friend’ told my best friend that…it is a complicated story…and it is kind of still of a fresh story because the break-up happened in less than a week…and I haven’t stopped thinking about him….and it is weird..because I was the one that broke up…don’t judge me, I will tell the long…very long story in some future time…maybe tomorrow so make sure that you read that…’cause I have got some serious mess going on in my life right now…and that is why my diary’s name is called Awkward love.

I have been dealing with this awkward love from since the day we started talking, like a year ago…but it is so over and never ever getting back together….like ever. Yep…I just used the lyrics of a Taylor’s song…yepp I am that much awkward… I like it 🙂

I have some secrets which I will probably say in the future time.

In the past two months I have been doing some important exams, and I think I did well in, well, I will see the results in July probably…so excited!! 

Well that is it for today, hope you don’t find me very boring, and hope you follow me…it will mean everything to me 🙂 

Peace out bloggers! XXX Good nite 😛 

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