My Gratitude Journal: Things I Am Grateful For

I complain, a lot, most specifically about my job.  I am going to try and be more grateful for things, so maybe I complain a little less.  Every day, I am going to write between 5 and 10 things that I am grateful for.



1- I am thankful that I have a reliable job that I know that I won’t get fired from.

2- I am thankful for a wonderful partner who I know I can be completely open with.

3- I am thankful to have my wonderful Daddy in my life who supports me in my decisions in life.

4- I am thankful that I was recently able to meet my bio-dad after 21 years.

5- I am thankful that I don’t have to worry about not being able to afford my bills.

6- I am thankful for my wonderful and loving niece that is my world.

7- I am thankful to be able to have so many resources to use for my career.

8- I am thankful to have friends who are here for me.

9- I am thankful to have such an open minded partner.

10- I am thankful to have family that I can lean on when I need them.

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