I’m going to punch an imaginary idiot. Oh wait…they’re all around me!!

Seriously I’m beyond pissed right now! People fucking with my video games, some fat ass throwing shit at me and a whole bunch of other crap that makes me want to rip a guys balls off! Now, I’m usually a pretty easy person to get a long with, but there are a few things that you just don’t do.

One: You don’t mess with my video games. This should be common knowledge. Unless you want to die than don’t mess with my video games IDIOTS!

Two: Don’t go in my room and mess with my shit. Seriously, do you need a reminder for this? You don’t mess with my stuff, you don’t move my stuff, you don’t go through it. Just stay out of my room and we won’t have a problem. AAHHHHHAHAHAHAH!!!

Three: Don’t take my story outlines THEY’RE NOT DONE! I haven’t done any editing and I know there’s lots of mistakes. So don’t take them and show them to everyone in the house. More importantly, don’t write on them.

Four: Don’t go through my journal. Does this really need an explanation? If it does than…well I don’t know how to make it any more clearer than that. LOOK IT UP ON WHY YOU DON’T GO THROUGH A GIRLS JOURNAL!!

Five: I work really hard on my writing so be nice on criticism! I work hard on the things I write on Quotev before I publish them. Days of editing and re reading. So I was proud of the newest chapter I published because I had to re write it trice because THIS COMPUTER IS ABSOLUTE SHIT! S.H.I.T! I don’t mind if you criticize my writing, telling me how to improve and stuff. But when you go around being plain rude, sending me rude messages that’s what pisses me off.

Quote, “you call this writing? This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen even for a fanfiction this sucks balls. No…not balls this is below sucking a pile of donkey shit.” End quote.

Is that really necessary? COME ON?!?! You could at least be nice when telling me how to improve! No, I don’t edit these journal entries because I’m ranting and telling people about life and other random crap.

I’d appreciate some more criticism NICE PLEASE! From other people. Here’s where I post my writing. If you can’t get to it just type it in.   http://www.quotev.com/27184009

There’s two stories on there well fanfictions. If you haven’t seen black butler than it might be hard to understand. The Bakeneko and the Butler is the first and The Fathers Heart is the second, the one I’m working on right now. Be nice please. Leave comments on here if you don’t have an account. But seriously PISSED BEYOND THE VERY DEFINITION OF PISSED!!

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