I am not going to waste my time introducing myself to this journal based on the sole fact that in the upcoming months I don’t want to be the same me. My new diet pills came in the mail today, they claim they’ll make me lose like 20 pounds in a month and I have a month to kill before my birthday and I go to Texas to visit my boyfriend. I don’t know if I really want to lose 20 pounds, I just want to look somewhat better than my post baby body now. She is 5 months, she is beautiful. She is amazing! This Garcinia Cambogia is supposed to be some weight loss miracle and was easy to choose because of the free trial attached to it. It turns out upon receiving my pills in the mail there was a paper saying the on the 14th day of the trial it will no longer be free and I will be charged a whopping $89 a bottle. I got 3. Somebody remind me to cancel my card right after pay day next Friday lol. Seriously I wouldn’t got them if I was warned. My credit is already bad from owing Victoria Secret for a credit card my boyfriend told was a bad ideal but had no problem enjoying my purchases. Will keep you posted on the results if any and in the main time I’ll try to limit myself to 2 cookies instead of 6. I don’t just what to stop there I have a ton on my to do list to completely 180 my life. I am trying to grow my hair out naturally. I been looking it up on the website. They all seem to have a list of tricks, procedures, products and vitamins. Expensive products. They must not have babies because some of these suggested things run me around the price of a box of diapers. My daughter or my hair? My daughter!!! I still to my grocery store products sulfate and all. My acne has got to go having my baby apart from making me gain weight and doing funky things to my hair, my baby glow was purely made out of the excess oils that have since then broken me out. I con my way out of some big bottles of Proactiv. I must be really impressed by celebrity endorsements or maybe I am just a gullible fool but I know how to work a deal. I am a mommy now, I’ve experienced coupons and I’m now in love. My skin is a big problem. I also have eczema and dread stretch marks. My tiger strips on my belly and my hips, and they are NOTICABLE!! I heard Vicks Vapor rub works magic on them, I have a tub of the generic kind and tomorrow I will pick up a roll of saran wrap to get the full effect. I have a feeling saran wrap will be a really close friend of mine. I can use it to keep moisture in my dry eczema skin at night, put it on my head and it will apparently promote hair growth and the sweating should help me lost water weight from swelling. Water. Water is my friend now too 8 8oz glasses. I also need to  whiten my teeth, another trill of bring a new mommy lol. I have a lot ahead of me but tomorrow is the first official day of my major transformation. 😉

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