The BREAKUP part 1.

The last time I wrote in this diary, I said that I was going to explain how me and my ‘ex-boyfriend’ broke up. Okay first of all we weren’t a couple…I mean…he wanted us to be, but I refused. He asked me if I wanted to be with him officially on his birthday, a year ago, and I said no, and I really felt crushed that I had crashed his birthday. But I had to say no, and he cried and cried….and this made me realize, yes boys cry but he wasn’t strong. 

To make things more clear…the break up happened on Facebook…on chat…

Let’s go in more detail…because otherwise it will be more complicated…not that it’s not complicated…because it is…and a lot! 

We have known each other since pre-kinder when we were 4 I guess. We went to the same school till we where 10 then we went to different schools. Till we were 10 we admitted that we love each other, and we made it official in front the whole class…but that was kids love…right?? 

Then I found him on face book last year, and we added each other exactly on 28 March 2013. 

At first he started saying all those beautiful talks such as: I love you, you are beautiful and a lot and a lot more. I talked to some people and they said that we were small…and stuff like that, and I agreed 100% because I don’t even know what I am going to do tomorrow, how should I know what I want for the future? I prefer to take day by day. (Not that I don’t think about the future, don’t get me wrong, but i don’t have the schedule ready, and I will never have). 

So I told him that it doesn’t have to be the first love that you have to fall in love and marry. As in, I have only talked to him, I don’t know what the world have to offer, maybe there are better men for me out there… okay, please don’t tell me I am greedy, because I am not, and also I didn’t accept because of some personal things, which he knew about. 

He pretended that I should have the answer of what I wanted, just like that. And I hated it…a lot. Because if he knows what he wanted in the future, doesn’t mean that I knew what I wanted to be, and he didn’t respected that. 


Another thing to make clear; since we were 11 years old till 2013, we didn’t talked or meet, but we emailed like 2 emails.  And then when we added each other on Facebook, we only talked on Facebook, but since he lives next to me grandparents and aunt, he somehow gave me two frames that he made just for me. He was literally into me a lot, and he made my name on Dominos, and drew my name with the Graphical. During Summer we saw each other during the feast of the village…but we didn’t talked and I most of the time was spent running away from him….which he noticed… that was very awkwarddd.


Okay that is it for today, hope I was not boring, and stay tuned for the next “BREAKUP part 2.”


~The Real Me~ 
Peace out!!!

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