there will be a monsoon in my lagoon tonight

Tonight John is coming over.I’m very excited about this.I haven’t seen him in a few days. I’m cleaning the house to occupy my mind.he won’t be here until nine or nine thirty…I always get nervous when I’m going to see him. I hate that.I mean I can understand the first meeting being nervous and like the first time we had sex but gees every single time I get so nervous.ah I can’t wait. I wonder if I’ll be more or less comfortable being in my own house. I have so much to do. The bathroom needs to be completely cleaned. The kitchen needs a sweep and mop. Stove needs to be cleaned. The bedroom needs to be cleaned bed made omg so much to do.the smoke room definitely needs to be cleaned. Garbage taken out.I wonder if I put this much effort into me and keatsu if things would be different.but then I remember I’m the only one who cleans.the only one getting up in the morning with the baby. I’m a stay at home mom with a five month old and a seven year old.I work maybe one or two days a week. I do the cooking the laundry the putting away of the’s tiresome. There’s always been a resentment towards him too I suppose. I’m not sure why.I mean I was interested in this guy before me and keatsu git together. I’m not sure if I’m mad that I pursued keatsu instead.we’ve always had, irresponsibility.Ugh so much. But back to the happy night. I think I’m gonna have sex drive playing. A blunt rolled..hopefully.I don’t know we may just smoke bowls since I can…ah.must go back to cleaning.Will update later 😉 😛 :-* B-)

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