Careless Caressing

We both lay here in complete attention to each other,

looking into each others eyes as if we are looking into infinity,

touching each other like its the last touch were going to feel,

kissing as if the moments that are at present are the last we will ever feel.

Is this the last time I will feel her?


Her warm body against mine, her sweet touch carelessly caressing my body..




Why do we have to face the challenge of someone else in the picture? Why is it that feelings grow with freedom despite the pain that the future does bring?


WHY? Why does the heart feel such pain and such love at the same time?

Why is love weak? Why is love strong? Why is love soul and body? Why is love eternity and infinity?


You are my weakness and my strength, yet you are my rock and my pain.


Love for you is more than anything, even if I have to share it with someone else.



I am too weak to let go.

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