So let’s start a Diary?

uhm sup. I’m super excited starting this (and listening to Chrome’s terribly overplayed song – Jealous, which i can’t get enough of…loves it..calls for chair dancing)

I kept a diary for years but i lost them in a move. Time to start one a few 100 years later..feels like a good time.  And i’ve realized that i’ve been speaking to a lot of people and turns out everyone has a story to share that they don’t really bring up first.’s kinda nice to write about the things we go through, things that change us, things that make us happy, lessons learnt..stupid boys we’ve dated…you know the drill.

This is also to talk about the crazy fun ideas that makes my day, changes, just everything. Like if i want to talk about a giraffe for 5 mins..i’m going to do that!! Or if i want to jot down an idea i might come back to later..i’m going to (uhm can’t say ink it anymore..uhm click clack it)

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