In the summer time I rise up with the sun
And dance with nymphs just for fun
Round and round the fairy ring
Paying respect to nature as we sing;

The meadows gleam with  gems and diamonds
Through every nook and cranny of the highlands
Sparkling in the summer sun like  gems
With endless beauty through hills and glens

She with the angelic face of amber
She sings of innocence and wonder.
Twirling regally in the morning dew;
She sings of  things that I once knew.

Crowned with a diamond studded diadem
With beauty and grace she rules her kingdom
Throughout the meadow long may she ever reign.
With grace and style, she’s natures sovereign.

With a smile, she lights up the meadow
The queen blushes with a golden glow,
Uplifting nature with regal splendour;
The nymphs and fairies bow in her honour.

She sings of innocence and sweet honesty
Of friendship, of joy and charity.

© Mary Aris (The Goldenpen). All rights reserved

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