Life in perspective

So I think the major issue with wanting to find that special someone is that you lose yourself in the process, you forget your true feelings and wants and desires. You become so consumed with finding that special someone that you abandon those who really truly want to be with you because you have this idea in your head of what this dream guy or girl looks like. You get so numb and lost when you cant find them when they are there in front of you the whole time, your so blind caught up in your own quest for the fairy-tale that will never happen. But when you do come back down to earth you begin to see things from a new light, you realise that going on that quest may just have helped to strengthen you as an individual and helped to give you the courage needed to stand on your own two feet again and accept the fact that you may never find that someone but deep down you never really stop looking you just stop spending all your time and effort into looking for nothing and instead invest your time and effort into finding things that make you happy and things that make you smile all while waiting for that right guy or girl to walk into your life… only time will tell if fairy-tale endings really do exist.

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