Trapped in my head

Head is pounding

Vision is blurred

So many thoughts

Feeling out of control

Ahh, the sun gleams in

The warmth surrounds me

Breathe in, breath out

I feel something telling me I’ve got to stay strong

Is this hope?

Is this anything at all?

The frustration returns

Trapped in my mind

I think too much

A fucked up game of what ifs and buts

Nothing else matters

Can’t concentrate

No time for people and their nonsense games

I’ve got thoughts to sort out

Thoughts to file

I’m working thoughts out 

One thought at a time

I stop for a moment

To watch some birds flying

Where are they going?

They must know where?

They must have a reason?

Does anybody care?

The birds are gone

I’ll never see them again

Back to my thoughts

The thoughts welcome me there

The thoughts don’t judge me there

I might just stay up there

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