Writer’s Block

I have been up with the sun today.  There’s so much to do today!  I have been baking a Victoria Sponge this morning.  It smells delicious!  As it was baking I brewed myself a cup of coffee and sat in the Study to write a poem:


I shall stamp my love across your cheeks,

A souvenir of my deep love and admiration

It will linger there when your soul for me seeks–

A reminder of my constant care and adoration.


I shall stamp my name across your heart

So that you will think of me forever,

And know how truly loved thou art.

I will cover you with my love all over.


My love for you grows strong and deep

I love you beyond the entire galaxy;

My love for you is like a mountain steep

Every inch of you gives me sheer ecstasy


I shall stamp my love across your physique

So that the world can see that thou art mine;

My souvenir I leave upon your silky cheek


Wear my token, dear as an ornament

To show the world my true sentiment.

© Mary Aris. (The Goldenpen)  All rights reserved


I have been suffering from Writer’s Block since writing The Curse of Anna Greene.  I have experienced  some personal losses, which have affected my writing terribly.  Also, several mixed reviews of  The Curse of Anna Greene have affected me.  Yet I haven’t given up entirely.  I have written about ten poems since the start of the year.  I have had good reviews of them on Allpoetry.com.

I have also found that five minutes of free writing in the morning and or late evenings loosens my inspiration and summons my inner muse.

Nowadays I am also concentrating on my sketching and drawing.  I hope that I can hone my drawing skills better so I can illustrate my writing.

Ah, my cake is calling.   I have to put the icing on the cake.  Perhaps it will inspire me to write a poem!


~The Goldenpen






One thought on “Writer’s Block”

  1. Nice to meet you, I hope that you are able to get out of the writer’s block you are in. I get it to from time to time. Don’t give so much energy to those who wrote the mixed reviews on The Curse of Anna Greene, their is always going to be those who have negative things to say. Your words are inspiring and uplifting to me. Thanks for sharing.

    ps. how was the cake? 🙂

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