I might as well be a man

I’m the only girl in this house so if I wake up tomorrow with a penis honestly I won’t be surprised. I am the least feminine girl you will ever meet. When I’m not outside “practicing” or reading manga or watching anime I’m usually on the couch in a pair of bright pink shorts with a baggy short sleeve mickey mouse shirt. One leg on the couch, the other on the floor. Sitting like some kind of whore (I’m not a whore.) Usually with a bag of potato chips in my lap completes the look. Aren’t I attractive?

Oh well, I’d be uncomfortable acting like an actual girl anyway. Wearing dresses and constantly wearing makeup. Not my kinda thing. Nope. Hair is usually pulled in a lazy ponytail with no makeup. Thats the way I like it. Comfortable! …I really should’ve been born a man.

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