Just as I figured

Of course it has been more than a week since I last wrote. The diet pills I have been taking religiously. I don’t see any change but I didn’t hop on the scale prior. I’m going to start to eat healthier and drink more water and exercise. I’ve been super tired lately so I have really been neglecting the gym. I’m starting back today and I am going to try to go at least 5 times a week if not everyday. The pills are meant not to cause you to have to diet or exercise so I figure it could only help.

I think I have stumble on a new hair product brand and it is not from a grocery store. It is only moderately expensive and giving the fact that I have took on an additional 2 shifts at work then it’s only deserving. I’ve read a lot of reviews over the products and they seem pretty good. Naturals rave about the product. Yeah… I’m not going natural anymore I am just going to grow my hair and get my hair relaxed every X amount of months. However many months the experts suggest. I am going to start the inversion method probably Friday or Saturday whenever I can get my hands on the coconut oil and castor oil. My verdict on the harmfulness of mineral oil is still out.

I saran wrap my stomach and hips after applying Vicks vapor rub and the results where crazy. It reduced the appearance of my stretch marks significantly!! Except last night I forgot to wrap up and they don’t look as good as they did right after but still WAAAYYY better.

I’m doing better trying to maintain my skin care routine. Ok so I suck. I forgot to wash my face last night and I wash my face in the morning at work. It is a lot more troubling then it should be to simply wash my face. I’m just so tried throughout the day. Maybe from those overtime hours. I must do better when it comes to this.

My boyfriend is sending me some money Wednesday and our daughter some clothes and shoes. This really helps out that this diaper money isn’t coming straight out of my check. I am definitely going to try and save some money  for my plane ticket done there. This move is very stressful and we haven’t even really talked dates. As of now it has been moved back until September which is completely bittersweet.

I’ve got to go make a shopping list…

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