Where Angels Rendezvou

I have an inspiration for a short Novella based on a true story.  The idea came to me last night as I was doing a writer’s exercise.  In the exercise it said to write a character sketch of somebody based on your life. There is no better person to write about than my husband…who is, in my opinion, my soul mate.  Why do I know he is my soul mate?  Because we met by chance one day when he became a member of my online Yahoo  poetry club.  We became pen pals and then intimate friends.  We met, got engaged and married four years later.

Today I have written 1,238 words.  I wrote the ending to the story.  I wrote the beginning of the story last night.  Now I have to sit and write the middle.  One of the great things of writing based on your life is that you already know the plot.  The story I’m writing or strive to write is about Soul mates.  I came up with the title, Where Angel’s Rendezvou.  The story has a sad but sweet ending.

The day is almost at it’s peak.  Tonight is Italian Night at our place.  I have made some baked Ziti and a lemon cheesecake.   My Victorian Sponge, I’m afraid, stuck to the tin.  I had greased it properly but for some reason the cake stuck to the tin, for I was out of grease proof paper.   I blogged about it on my Prosebox journal:



June 11, 2014

From the Pages of my Life: A Day in The Life of a Housewife


I am having one of those days where nothing is coming out right! It’s not even Friday the 13th yet. This morning I woke with the ambition and enthusiasm to make a lovely Victorian Sponge. I followed Mary Berry’s recipe which called for 4 eggs. I began at 8 A.M. weighing out the ingredients.

  • 225 grams each of Self rising flour, sugar and butter
  • Four eggs, beaten
  • 2 teaspoons Baking powder (to give it a good rise)
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons grated lemon zest (Optional) I did put it in the batter for extra flavour plus 1 teaspoon of French almond essence for even greater flavour!

I buttered and floured each Sandwich cake tin well and gave them a spray of non stick vegetable spray just to make sure the cake had easy release. I did not have parchment paper handy. I mixed the ingredients well and divided it between the two cake tins. I preheated my oven to 170 C as Mary Berry suggested and baked the cakes for 25 minutes. The cakes came out moist, buttery-flavoured and lite. I let the cakes cool for an hour. When the time came for releasing the cakes onto the wire rack the cake layers crumbled! I was so upset! I should have just chucked it in the garbage, but I already wasted four eggs, a cup of butter, a cup of sugar and poured my heart and soul into baking the mother, that I just stuck it together best as I could. I spread strawberry jam in the centre of one layer over some vanilla butter cream and sandwiches the other layer on top. The cake looks as if someone has exploded it with TNT. But I cut into the ugly mother and rewarded myself with a slice. Might as well tasted a piece of my ‘Frankenstein’ cake. The bastard tasted so delicious!

The whole cake fiasco threw me off kilter for the rest of the afternoon. I had planned to cook the penne for tomorrow’s pasta bake, put it in a container, make my bolognese sauce and even prepare the No bake Lemon cheesecake. I did cook the pasta and made the sauce.
I did manage to get the things that needed doing on time; but I was so tired, exhausted, upset over the cake and hot. I think I’m going to have an early night tonight.

It has been another hot day today, although, there was a nice summer’s breeze blowing about comapred to the humidity of the other day. It is nearly five O’clock and Alex should be home any minute. As soon as he comes in I’ll put the kettle on and together we will catch up on each other’s day over afternoon tea and sit down to watch neighours; then it’s straight to dinner at 7 P.M.

Tonight we’re having hotdogs with caramelized onions and some chips (French Fries). For dessert I’m serving a slice of my ugly cake. LOL

~Mary Aris

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