I can’t believe the amount of dust that can accumulate in a house in a matter of a week.  I spent the entire morning cleaning my flat.  I clean on a regular basis but I’m appauled by the amount of dustbunnies that can multiply within a matter of days.

I dusted and polished our bedroom and tidied the room.  I dusted the tops of our bookcases and my writing bureau in the study.  The book cases in our study are one of my prized possessions.  I’ve always wanted to have a library. I have around two hundred books.  I am an avid reader.

I haven’t done much writing today.  I did manage to write a new Acrostic:



Home is where the heart is

Our house is our home; I keep it clean and tidy; there isn’t an

Untidy corner, nook or cranny left undone after I am through. I keep things

Sparkling, spotless and  bright with nothing but

Elbow grease , a broom and a dusting rag.

Keeping my house in order is a never ending chore.

Everything in its proper place has always been my number one motto

Efficiency and simplicity is

Part of the game; A house that runs smoothly is an ultimate blessing.

Inefficiency, untidiness and sloth isn’t part of the program

No goofing off until the chores are done and dusted;

Good housekeeping is all about making a house a home.

© Mary Aris. All rights reserved

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