It’s been a while

Yes, I have been lazy again and have neglected my journal for days. feel definitely guilty for that. I had a small excuse tho, cause I just got the internet back today morning after fighting for like 4 days with Comcast. I got hotspot access this morning and still have to wait for the technician for tmw. Hopefully I can get back to normal life by tmw night.

Not much going on just same stuff. got little stress down for whole week cause of internet which caused little bit of health problems like tooth pain and cold sore… and my skin got broke up again. well it’s getting better now. Yeah for me internet is huge and when it’s not working I get over stressed.

Spending most of my free time working on new design for game project which I still have to spend more time. probably have to dedicate whole weekend to it cause I want to make it real good. And I purchased Mac book air Thursday night at Bestbuy with John. We were just gonna check it out then the Mac guy came up with discount, just had to get it. I opened up new credit card for finance as always and had to use it for John’s too cause he didn’t get approved for one. So two Mac books on my card lol. He will pay me by back tho by 4 months.

Today, work as usual, work out on lunch break. drove right back to home. went to Bestbuy again to use gift card for macs we bought last night then huge dinner at Senoya. Back home just took a shower and it’s 12:20AM already.

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