raindrops are falling on my head

So it’s certainly been a while..

The night John came over was awesome. I definitely had a great time. It was around the time he walked in and kissed me  I just knew I couldn’t settle for the relationship I was in anymore. If someone can not just turn me on but also and literally have all of my passion my intensity my focus in just one kiss uhh then obviously I’m with the wrong person. There is such thing as the perfect relationship I’m on a fucking mission to find it.

I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the sex life John and I have so if that exists here then I see no reason why the same or better couldn’t exist in a relationship for me.  The sex life between keatsu and I will never reach those levels and it’s sad because once upon a time he used to be able to make me come during sex. Not every time but often enough to make me happy and the sex though lacking foreplay was pleasurable and even though over time we had sex less and less often it still felt better and better. But it’s been nearly a year since I’ve had an orgasm during sex with him without playing with myself during. That alone bothers me. Plus he will not give me oral sex. Tell me how two other guys enjoy giving me oral and compliment my taste but he won’t..he doesn’t like to make out so to speak. No tongue kissing. Ever. Not a single time ever. I just…want something else sexually. Someone else intellectually someone who is my equal no better no worse someone who will positively influence me.

So that night John came over he left around two.I was wide awake..and still ready to play. So I went on Craigslist made an ad many hours and a quick shower later I met Tim. Who is thirty. Married. Very sexy.  Loved his body. Very smooth stomach. Really really got into giving me oral. A great time all around. He left about half an hour before keatsu got home. I will be seeing him again very soon..

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  1. sory things turn so bad with your husband but happy youhave others that can take care of your needs. And just so yyou know I enjoy giving and reseaving oral very much

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