a long day

Woke up around 10AM went to church in the morning which makes me calm. got right back to home after then I had to work on freelance project till 3PM. Went on a skate for Sunday skate session on Belmont harbor. It was fun time as always! stayed there for 3hours and head back to home to have dinner with my friend and my cousin John. We went to the bar next to my place. Ate 3 plate bread pizzas, burger, wing, and fries. with some beer yeah I ate a lot. After that we went to golf driving range on Diversy. I didn’t wanna go but they wanted me to come so I went lol.

Back home took a shower finally after sweating for hours cause it was hot and humid in Chicago. Then wrote journals for week on my paper journal. It just passed midnight here and I will probably go to sleep soon for tmw the Monday…

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