I’m out.

Am very busy with exams at the moment,

well as far as the definition of “busy” reaches…

I know I must study harder but it just doesn’t work at the moment, okay.


But that’s not the worse.

Yesterday I left.

I left the fandom I was with from the start and whom I believed I’d always would be with. I couldn’t imagine living without. It hurt too badly.

But now being in it felt so wrong and I just couldn’t do it anymore. It tired me out and took all of my energy for some boy, who doesn’t even look that much like Harry and rarely replies. I also felt terrible and scared because I didn’t want any feelings to develop besides the usual fangirling, but hey, I have a slight feeling they did.

I felt silly.

And I gave up, said my goodbye’s and stepped out.

I don’t know what hurts more now though,

him ignoring me or missing him ignoring me.

You see the problem?


Well Dear Diary, I guess you can note this day as the day I moved on from Jacob Skelton. Aw.

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