Someone is writing a story about me?!

I’m not kidding! I was looking up some new story ideas after “practice” on the computer when I found this story that is pretty much my life right now. They even used my name!! What in the world?! I went to get I and show him, but when we got back it was gone! I tried looking for it again, but I couldn’t find it, weird, right? I guess someone who’s been reading my journal thinks I’m just that interesting? Probably not, I’m actually pretty boring! Or maybe just a really weird coincidence? The story didn’t bother me or piss me off, it just really freaked me out! Who wouldn’t be freaked out if they saw an unfinished story about your life?!

Anyway, we haven’t been able to do a whole lot because of all the rain. “Practice” inside in a small place with XIII guys is not a good thing! I tried to do a roundhouse kick and ended up kicking X in a place that shouldn’t be kicked. That ended up sparking a huge fight between everyone. We don’t fight a whole lot, but when we do, it’s BAD!

This time wasn’t as bad as last time. Last time, VI ended up with a broken arm and sprained ankle! How is that possible, I have no idea. We kinda black out when we fight. Nothing too serious this time, just some punches, kicks, shoving and slamming people into walls and some yelling. After we got all fixed up, we went out to get ice cream. I have a weird family. All we needed was a few band-aids peroxide, a brace for IV wrist and a brace for my knee, is it bad that this is normal in our house? Oh well, I like it!

Signing off


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