the story of my life

this book is a story of my life age 4 to 24 years old when i was little my life was sad to as an adult today happy the older i got the happier my life has been when i was four to 10 i had a hard life i was born with touretts ocd and mild assburgers at 4 i went to this day care and got kickedout out for throwing a fit at 4 years old i was sad that day because one of the ladies told another 4 year old girl she was going to pour out love to her and that hurt my feelings even at 4 years old so thats why i lost that daycare the next day my mom and dad found me another daycare and that day before school i saw someone pouring shampoo on tv and at 4 it upset me because i did not understand what pouring out love to people met at that young and as i got older i learned what it met how i had a sad day once at 18 years old at this party for this girl in arolington texas with this lady named linda i got to hot at the party and the girls at the party were crowl and mean to me at the party they were so mean to me that there church had an advent and all those girls laughed at me and told me i wasn’t invited and left me by the pound and i prayed for 6 years and jesus answered my prayer by bring john kelly ms. coffman and the upper room church in my life and thats what i call a happy life thanks to jesus he heeled my life and amen to that the end

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