Highway Beyond the Stars

I won a Bronze medal at Allpoetry.com for entering a contest with this poem. The poem was written for my late Sister-In-Law, Samantha who last year committed Suicide.  She was diagnosed with schizophrania in 2011 and refused to take her medication.  The illness took her life!  I wrote this poem as a tribute to her.  It was read at her funeral.
Highway Beyond the Stars




As I raise my head I look up to the stars…
Sparkling diamonds…beacons of  life’s path
Like little fireflies within crystal jars.
I think about life; my head upon the grass.
Show me the great mystery of life, please.
Enlighten me with your endless wisdom.
For life is an enigma, a never-ending quiz
And each soul has to learn many a lesson.
Oh, stars, show me the answer to life’s riddle
For life is an open highway each soul must travel;
Teach me the lyrics as God plays the fiddle.
Life has many puzzles to unravel.
I was often told that this life is but a mirror.
This earthly world is ours for a short loan
There is a place much bolder and brighter
That souls can claim to be their very own.



Sometimes I wish the stars can form a highway
Which will lift me towards this paraidisal place
Where I can spend all night and day
Basking in the sight of God’s love and grace.



Oh, stars, lift me beyond this world of lies
Guide  me home, towards my final destiny
Leaving behind this worldly enterprise,
As I begin my final odyssey.



© Mary Aris. All rights reserved

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