I got the idea for Bartholomew from a topiary in the shape of a Bookworm holding an open book one Summer on the high street in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  I got this idea of writing a story about a talking Bookworm living in the stacks of the William Wayne Public Library in Upstate New York. 

Bartholomew was first discovered by a little boy named Charles Guzman whose sister screamed when she saw the worm crawling between some of the fiction books.  The Children’s Librarian, Ms Dubois, thought Charles was telling fibs, but that night she made a shocking discovery!  She almost fainted when she heard a bookworm talk back to her.  Bartholomew made his aquaintence and soon Ms Dubois realized how valuable to the library Bartholomew could be.  She made Bartholomew Library Mascot and introduced him to the children at Story Time.  When the parents learned that their kids were being entertained by a worm they boycotted the library.  When a fire broke out at the library, however, it was Bartholomew that saved the day and became a hero.  I enjoyed writing Bartholomew.



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