The new beginning :3

Hello, my name is Jennie, and I am brand new to everything on here, so I do not know much about this site. I used to used OpenDiary a lot throughout my school years, and loved that site, but I went to find it again as I start on a new journey to better health and was sadden to find out that it is gone. Well, I decided to give this site a try as it seems pretty similar 🙂

I am a junior in college at Baptist Bible College, studying to get my associates in Early Childhood Education and my Bachelors in Office Administration. Yes I know it is a weird mix, but it says a lot about me, as I am pretty weird myself. I really do not know what I want to do with my future so I am actually excited to be getting two such different degrees as I feel like it will open many different doors for me down the road.

A little background on my family to help understand why I have chosen to go on a new journey to better health. I am the youngest of 4; I have all older sisters, who are actually older than me by a lot (8,10, 16 years).  I was raised in a single family home with my mom, or you can say 4 moms, with the age differences. My dad left when I was only a year old, and I never got a chance to know him at all, as he died July of 2012. It was heartbreaking for me when he passed though, as I saw him only for my third time in my life lying on his death bed, barely remembering anything, but he knew who I was. I try not to regret never getting to know him while he was here, but it is hard. I come from a large family, and by large I mean weight, not necessarily in numbers. I know of very few in my family, immediate and extended that are not considered to be obese. I do not want to be of that majority anymore. Also, my mom is currently in rehab for her health, which is all weight related, and has been between the hospital and rehab since the beginning of may. She is currently around 450lbs, has breathing problems and many other health problems, I have decided that I do not want that to EVER be me one day. So I am going to change everything now.

Also, I personally have been feeling very irritable, and have been having random digestive pains, that I want to try and cleanse my body and get it on the right track to being healthy and lose the weight in the process.

Currently I am5’4″ and 265 lbs. My waist size is 51 inches. This is what I am starting at, and am hoping to see at least the last two numbers go down throughout this journey.

I am looking to become what I believe is a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, though I am not going to be extremely strict about it, because I do believe a little meat in moderation is not terrible. I just will only eat it very sparingly and probably none at all after a while if this goes right. The first thing I plan to change is drinking a green smoothie everyday for breakfast, which this is a link to the one I am planning on trying :

Please leave comments on any advice you possibly may have for me. I love meeting new people and learning new things, and like I said I am pretty new at this.

Thank you for reading!!


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