Friday 20th of June, 2014

I spent the whole morning importing my new story,  Where Angels Rendesvous, to StoryBook, a software that lets a writer keep track of characters, brainstorm ideas for their stories, create an outline, import and export their stories, etc.  I also wrote some more of my story.    Where Angels Rendesvous is a story about two kindred souls who find each other via a Poetry Club online.  The main character is Maya Garcia, an introverted and sheltered young woman whose love of poetry inspires her to create a Poetry Website on the Yahoo Clubs. 


In time Serious Bard, an introverted man from Oxford, England becomes a member of Maya’s club, Poetic Corner…a Poet’s little niche in the World Wide Web.  The two of them eventually become pen pals and later decide to meet. It is then that they discover that they are soul mates.  The story is loosely based on a true story.  It is lunchtime now.   I must take a break from my writing and go have a sandwich. 


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