lost and alone in this world

So tired of feeling out of place and alone in this world. Ive suffered from severe anxiety / depression since childhood.it has ruined my life. The feelings of sadness, and despair never subside.from the moment my eyes open the depression hits me like a ton of bricks.maybe itd be easier if it would come and go, rather than be constant. Im so worn down, im sick of going through the motions, pretending to care.i have no desire or interest in anything . I simply exist. I know people have it worse than me, but I am just being honest with about these feelings that consume me. Sadly I worry that they will never subside.they have been there so long.

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  1. Im only 17 man! And i felt the same way as you do or so i think, for like 4 years. Im barely getting off my feet and off that shitty ass mind state. I had mdd and i know its hard to think positive when nature itself is just weighing you down without you having a choice whether or not to feel a certain day. Id wake up and id already feel depressed without any choice. I think i can help you fight it. I still get really depressed but now its minimized to once a couple of weeks, before id cry and want to die every day i woke up.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, im glad to hear that you are doing better with the mdd. Most people have no idea how overwhelming it can be . their idea of depression is when they are feeling slightly down.
    I cant recall when it really started in, probably around 13 years old maybe. Its crazy how it affects all the aspects of your life.

  3. no problem, it doesnt hurt to try and help others. its a deep ass shit hole and its hard to get out of it. i was ready to give up, everyday i got closer and closer to ending my life. i was afraid of my own hand even because i thought i wasnt strong enough and i thought id turn on myself from how bad i felt. youre right, theres a differences between sadness and depression. When was the last time you actually felt alive?

  4. Honestly, I cant recall the last time I felt alive or genuinely happy. The depression has pretty much ruined every aspect of my life:work, friendships, relationships etc.

    I know what you mean though, I have contemplated suicide many times. I never really saw a future for myself , or envisioned a life like married with kids etc.guess I always figured id take my own life.

  5. look into buddhism, it really changed my mind state. its no religion just a thought process. read about how to find happiness from a buddhist perspective i think it will help so much! all it takes is a change of thought process and youll be happy even with that sadness you carry you rlly can still be happy!

  6. Interesting, I will definitely do some reading to try and help change my perspective.

  7. I have felt the same way you are feeling. It is horrible. I have found that exercise helps me feel better. Have you tried this (in addition to what you are already doing)? Hang in there. You are important.

  8. I’m sorry that you also have to endure these feelings.I would not wish them on anyone. I’m gonna try and do cardio in the morning when I wake up.I used to work out all the time but way back then I actually had some motivation.

    I went to hang out with some teammates after my softball game tonight but took off shortly after. I just feel out of place most of the time. Story of my life, feel

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