Depression Se Chhutkara,
written by Pramod Shankar Soni, is an informative book that helps people deal with depression in an effective way.
Summary Of The Book
Depression Se Chhutkara is a handy informative guide that serves the readers by helping them overcome depression.
The book walks us through effective ways to get rid of depression and ensures that we learn from the depressed phase. It advocates using the knowledge of oneself to add on to one’s strengths instead of weaknesses. The book is not only capable of curing depressed people, but also in enhancing one’s zeal for life.
The book is a must-read for anyone who is depressed and for those who have a tendency of being depressed or feeling low.
The author feels that depression is not a disease, but a disorder. The book contains true success stories that aim to inspire hope in the readers.
Depression Se Chutkara is a bestseller and aims to help readers play to their strengths and find happiness.
About Pramod Shankar Soni
Dr. Pramod Shankar Soni is a popular, qualified doctor specialising in homoeopathic medicine and a reputed freelance writer and journalist with accreditation from the government.
He was born in Seoni on September 3, 1968. Dr. Pramod Shankar Soni is currently practising as a doctor at Mahamaya Homoeo Clinic, Bhopal.
He acquired his Bachelor’s degree from Sagar University, and later studied at PGDNYS in Delhi, HMD in London, and MIHMF in Kolkata. He has also developed a distinct procedure of curing Vitiligo (white spots), which has always been considered to be an incurable disease. He has published many articles for journals, websites, and magazines. His area of expertise are Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy, and Pranayama. Dr. Soni is also the editor of

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