my story

There once was a girl who danced in her tophat and bowed and welcomed her guests to the show..she would perform magic and dazzle them with her brilliance and talents..she never once asked for a fee for them to cone see what living looks like..their newly found smiles were her tokens to keep….for she knew no greater feeling than happiness..until love walked into her first it made it that much more great and powerful ….until one day…it changed her act much so that a guest got up and left….and then another left….and another..and another..until there were none left….the girl held up a mirror to herself and she didn’t see a happy girl anymore ….her tophat was tattered and torn..her smile was wrinkled and worn…her eyes dusty and jaded….she put the mirror down ..shined her dusty eyes…tattooed over her worn smile with a bigger and better one than she ever had before..and she stitched and patched her tophat with the finest of material. .and she put on the best show of her life and never let that kind of love take her again..and she lived happily ever..forever ..:)

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