Things be happening

My mom says that if I get a tattoo over my SH scars, I might be able to get into the Navy like I wanted to for forever. But I feel hesitant about it. I don’t think it’ll work. They aren’t very visible now but still.

Even if I don’t choose the military, I still want the tattoo. The tattoo I want is a tree. It goes all the way around my arm. It actually is more of a forest. I think I looks awesome but who knows what will happen. I really want one though. A tattoo. The downsides to getting one is that I can’t donate plasma at DCI for about a year after the tattoo.

ANOTHER awesome thing that’s going to be happening. We’re moving out of this house in town in (maybe) November. The latest we can stay here in town is January. I’m kind of excited. Mom is stressed though. We kind of don’t have tons of money. I need to get a job. Plus me and mom want to go to college. I got accepted into our community college already. We’re going to sign up for classes tomorrow.

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