My Diary for Tuesday

Gloomy Tuesday night here in Chicago. It was kind of on and off raining and sunny all day. Well I can’t complain as long as the weather’s warm enough for the short sleeve tshirt.

Not much going on lately, just working and same stuffs. Today, worked till 6 as usual and worked out on lunch break. Quick shopping after work for clothes and grocery stuffs for dinner cause my cousin’s inviting his friend over for dinner. No other plans for tonight. I have been thinking about new projects that I have neglected for a long time. I need to make number of website that has decent amount of traffic which will keep me up without depending on others.

Yesterday was kind of messed up tho. Instead of taking a long rest, I went out with Micheal and ended up passing out all night. Had a good sleep tho. So that’s it for today.

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