My eyes are burning!

This might be a little uncomfortable to mention, but…I’m going to do it anyway. So today started out pretty good. Woke up on time, nice shower, no arguments over something stupid. I thought today was goanna be one of the rare ones, where nothing out of the ordinary, disturbing, violent or mentally scaring was going to happen. MAN WAS I WRONG!

So everyone was getting ready for “practice” and I walks up to me and asks me to go find V. I thought he might be sick or got caught up in something because it’s not like him to be late to “practice.” It’s his whole life!

Well at the time I thought I was right about him being sick and throwing up in the bathroom. I knocked and told him to get outside, but he didn’t say anything. So, I opened the door and saw something I really didn’t want to see.

IT WAS HORRIBLE! It was just…out there staring me in the face. And the worst part? HE DIDN”T STOP WHEN I OPENED THE DOOR! WTF!!! I can’t look at him the same way. Please someone come and erase my memory!!

Signing off


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