Who am I?

I’ve never really felt as though I belong here as a human. I feel as though I’m meant for something more, something greater. It’s as though I’m waiting for something supernatural to happen. Weather it be about vampires or witches or anything similar, and the fact that I don’t know when it will happen scares me. It scares me because whatever is meant to happen needs to happen sooner than later for the sake of my sanity. I often dream about the supernatural, predominantly vampires. In my dreams it’s as though I am a vampire, and I’m genuinely happy as one because I’m not genuinely happy as I am now. Human. I’ve felt this way since I was around seven or eight years old so roughly ten years and this instinct as I call it has never once faded in the slightest. If there is a way for someone to be turned into a vampire I will search for it until my last breath. I just hope that I find it sooner than that, for I fear the longer I stay the way I am now the more my sanity will wither away.

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