My diary for Thursday

It’s Thursday already. Just one more day then this week will be done. I talked my old friend on the way back home. who went to army with me and studying at Atlanta for Masters. We talked about life in general, career, school, family, future and marriage. The one thing that came into my mind was that we did not really changed anything compare to like 4 to 5 years ago. We both are still trying to move forward to get to the better place on our career and better place on out life. Kind of feel like I have wasted all this time.

We talked about being at the right place at the right time and we ended up to the conclusion that we haven’t been at the right place and the right time and we will be there someday soon if we keep try. So here I am try to be positive and yes keep trying. I will keep going regardless of result that I’m gonna get from it. Just keep going O!

Today was very child overall, feel like the summer is over already. I had very typical day. Work and workout. Korea had a last game today for the world cup 2014 but they lost. I bet many Koreans are very disappointed on the result. It’s 8:30 PM right now, sitting at my couch and about to wrapping up today’s diary.

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