have you ever had this moments when you felt alone
i feel alone when i’m by my on i feel alone when i’m surounded by people .
the explanation of that is my lack of confidence and my capability of communication
i can’t start conversation or get into one
i just don’t enderstand other people.
i’m shy .. and even trought i got intersted in some subject i just can’t talk about it
my shyenes is my biggest problem it made my life a nightmare i can’t count the times i got in trouble becose of my ynabality to talk
i lost some people i wanted in my life
i even lost my bestfriend because of it
i can count on one hand the number of guys that actualy liked me. <one< that guy liked me with my problemes and all . but what did i do i pushed him away i made him never want to look at me any more. that's because i just can't show my emotions and my feelings i just can't.
for too long writing has been my only way of comunication . i write every thing i feel every thing on my mind on a peice of paper than i toss it . that's how i do things
i wanted so much to get rid of my probleme but it's imposible it's hard really hard and i alwways get right back to the first point.
this year was my first year of high school i really strugguled this year so i desided that this summer i will get off of my confort zone and start traveling and vissiting my familly mumberes
so keep holding on with my story and see what will hapend with me in next updates

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  1. 😮 Im in the same prouble seriously 🙁 i know how you feel 🙁 my onyly advice it’s just forget the whole world and convince yourself that you can be happy ALONE! with no one eles just YOU!

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