I don’t like you. Maybe.

Let’s make my first post about guys, because I’m a 20 year old girl and why not.

One of the male counselors hits on me at work. I didn’t notice when it started.

“Ms. Nicole.. would you like to go see 22 Jump Street?” Fuck yeah, I want to go see 22 Jump street.


HAH, whoops. Who woulda thought that was a date. Mr. C. did. Asked me if I wanted to go out to eat too. That’s when I started to catch on. Damnit. I just wanted to see a good movie.

I wouldn’t hit on me at work. I’m around boys with problem sexual behaviors. I wear baggy T-shirts, little make up, hair up. Not exactly definition attractive.

I told him at the end of the night (p.s., this ‘date’ was two weeks ago) that I’m really not interested in anything. I would rather be friends. I’m only in this state for 5 more weeks. He doesn’t seem to get the picture. I’ve made shitty excuses, been up front, and have blown him off. I’ve only hung out with him one other time since then and he was trying all kinds of shit.

That’s problem number one.

Problem number two, I recently fixed. Psychotic intern living on the floor below me who would bang on my window at 3am WHILE repeatedly calling my phone  apparently has a girlfriend now. -applause-

Problem number threeeeeee…. ex-boyfriend. J. Of eh, two years ago? I dated someone after him. Now he’s back. I feel like he always comes back, but so do I. This time I wanted to be a sick human being and control his emotions, since was manipulative towards me for so long. IT’S BACKFIRING. It worked at first. I got him to like me again. Then I fucking fell for him too and we spend hours on the phone because I can’t stay away.

Problem number four, M., will always be there.  I can guarantee there will be a future post about him, but now’s not the time. He’s about to call me soon, when he gets off work, and I don’t feel like writing about him right before that. He’s been my best friend since 7th grade.

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