Money sucks.

It’s about 15 minutes before I leave for work.  I can’t wait to get paid Friday. I’m broke.

I need to buy:

toilet paper ($6) because my roommate has bought the last two packs.

hand soap ($4) because I’ve been using my roommate’s.

groceries ($60) on oatmeal and milk right now.

tooth paste ($8) because I’ve been brushing my teeth without any.

mailing envelope ($7) need to send my check from dude’s insurance to my grandma since my bank isn’t within 50miles of this area. Can’t get my car fixed because I need to pay for next month’s rent.

gas ($20 for now)

I get $191 for two weeks in this internship because my rent here is nearly 600 a fucking month (“discounted housing” my ass) and my state takes out about $140 for taxes. Fuck me. I’m not even going to benefit from social security when I’m older. Yay.

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