Traveling to Melbourne

On June 3, 2014 my parents dropped me off at the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Airport to begin my adventure to study abroad in Australia. The only person on the trip whom I knew was Kara, which means I was about to meet 27 strangers, and eventually take on a foreign country with them. Once we all arrived at the gate in California, we developed an instant bond by playing name games and getting to know each other. After a lengthy 14 hours over the Pacific, we arrived in Melbourne, AU. We began a tour of the city right away so our jet lag would not kick in. The tour was very helpful later in the week when we had to venture out into the city on our own. The next night we went out to our first Australian restaurant in one of the lanes. We quickly learned the difference in cultures as the server refused the tip we attempted to offer. While in Melbourne, we also had the opportunity to tour the Cricket Grounds and the Tennis Facilities. We learned a lot about the history of the sport and the current rules for cricket and Australian Football. The tours were very helpful and we were able learn about the sports and the Australian culture which would help us later in our trip. One of the highlights of our time in Melbourne was a daylong tour of the outskirts of the city where we ventured to beaches, shopping centers, and rainforests. I learned the most on this day as we had an awesome tour guide telling us all about the city’s history and culture, while giving tips on some of the best night-life to experience while in Melbourne. On our last day in Melbourne, we had a free day where a group of us went to the beach. Little did we realize how cold it was going to be, but we had fun none-the-less. We went shopping, ate great food and jumped in the freezing ocean. That was an all around great day to bond with the group and experience the city on our own. I enjoyed this day a lot because we got to venture into the city on our own without any guides. This allowed us to learn our way around the city and get to know the people we were with on a bit of a deeper level.  Although we completely enjoyed our time in Melbourne, we were anxious to hit the next city of Canberra to see what the Australian Institute of Sport had to offer.

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